Claire Nixon's Art

I paint bright, colourful oil paintings from my soul to yours. I paint to inspire and uplift you even on the rainiest of days. Being a therapist as well as an artist, I’m passionate about helping you to reconnect with that powerful place inside you that is full of strength, energy and wisdom.

I believe that if we reconnect with this inner power on a daily basis we can transform our lives and the world! My mission is to help reconnect people with their true self through my paintings so they can be reminded daily of everything that they are! Click here to see a collection of my work.

Tom Nixon's Art

By day I’m a Building Surveyor specialising in restoring London’s historic buildings. The buildings I have worked on inspire me to create a record of these historical treasures and let them live in side your home. My aim is to show people the beauty and elegance in buildings.

I create black and white pen & ink drawings and pen & ink drawings with a watercolor wash. Click here to see a collection of my work.